Could A Tornado Cause Plumbing Issues?

After a twister strikes in your area, there are a number of things that might go wrong with your home. While many people may focus their attention on outside breaches, roofing concerns and damaged glass, your plumbing system could likewise be at danger. If you’re unfamiliar with the ways a tornado can cause plumbing concerns in your house, be sure to examine the details listed below.
Look for capability

When you’ve determined that your house is structurally sound and you’re all set to examine your plumbing, the very first order of businesses is to guarantee everything’s operating as it should. Go through your residence and switch on all the faucets, flush all the toilets and ensure that you’re able to get water to come through bath tub faucets and showerheads.

Could A Tornado Cause Plumbing Issues?

Could A Tornado Cause Plumbing Issues?

As you check each fixture, bear in mind of how the water behaves. Is the water pressure lower than it was prior to the twister? Is the toilet sluggish to drain? Do any of the pipelines bang when delivering water to a particular space? If the response is yes to any of these questions, it may be needed to call a plumber to carry out a more extensive check of your pipelines.
Take a look at plumbing devices

Your next step is to examine any equipment that’s part of your plumbing system This can consist of water heating systems, pumps, conditioning systems and any appliance connected to the plumbing.

The objective throughout this part of the evaluation is really two-fold. Your first concern is whether the tornado triggered a leak in any of the connecting water lines. When you’ve determined there are no noticeable leaks, it’s time to guarantee the equipment itself isn’t really bent, cracked or otherwise damaged. In the case of appliances like dishwashers and clothing washers, it can be helpful to run a test load to guarantee that water enters and drains as it should.
Remember your septic tank.

While you might just consider your septic system when it’s time to pump the tank, a tornado can do damage you might not recognize. Considering that twisters have the power to get heavy objects and drop them a number of towns away, you might end up with heavy debris in your yard over your septic system. If this happens, you’ll likely need a professional to inspect your septic system for damage.

As far as your septic system’s drain field goes, everything from the hail to moderate flooding that can feature twisters might stop your drain field from properly filtering the effluent that originates from the septic tank. If your drain field seems unusually saturated after the storm passes, or your home was showered by hailstones, it’s a good idea to call a septic professional to ensure every part of your system is working as it should.