Don’t Invite A Plumber Over For Thanksgiving


Did you understand that Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers? While you are taking pleasure in a good dish with your family, enjoying Uncle Frank doze off before the pumpkin pie is served or enjoying the football video game, plumbing professionals are difficult at work in the houses all over the nation. So unless you wish to welcome a regional plumber over to your house on Thanksgiving, make certain you do not do things that put plumbers to work.

The Disposal
The garbage disposal will certainly be the origination of many Thanksgiving and vacation plumbing issues. The problem is during the hours and hours of cooking, either excessive waste gets thrown down the disposal or products are discarded that can not be broken down. No matter what the factor, if you call an emergency situation plumber during the holidays, he’s likely to head directly into the kitchen without having to understand the specific reason for your call.

Here are some suggestions: First, even if you aren’t going to be the actual cook for this meal (we know how pushy your mother-in-law can be), see to it that everybody who is going to be making use of the disposal understands what should not be put in there:

No corn husks
No grease
No bones
No potato skins
No egg shells
No lettuce
No metal, obviously

Don't Invite A Plumber Over For Thanksgiving

Don’t Invite A Plumber Over For Thanksgiving

Second, do not pack excessive down the disposal at once. Do a little at a time. If you see a problem, pay to have a plumber repair the disposal before you find yourself standing in a flooded kitchen area.

It can be a tricky hoop to jump through, because this meal is frequently a group effort, but you either need to marshal everything that will enter the disposal or put out a mandate of how to use it. Everybody will, obviously, feel insulted, however it is much better to be safe than to have your kitchen flood just as everybody takes a seat to eat.

Many Guests
On a normal Thanksgiving, a normal household of 4-5 people can swell to more than 20, what with both sides of the household and all their children. So consider that there might be 4-5 times the quantity of hands being washed, glasses of water to fill, and trips to the restroom, which is going to distress your plumbing in general.

While there is nothing you can do to require individuals to make use of the restroom less or cook less, you can make certain that everybody (primarily the children) knows what can and can’t be flushed to prevent paying for toilet repair service during the vacations. You might even say to your visitors the plumbing has been acting up so keep a close eye on it. This will guarantee your visitors are conscious when they use the waste disposal unit or check out the restroom, and it might, just might, keep your local plumber off your guest list.